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Peaceful Thriving Enterprise Co., Ltd.--Auto circuit testers, auto testers, voltage testers, electrical testers, receptacle testers, multi testers

- 2015/10/07 -
Founded in 1983, Peaceful Thriving Enterprise Co. has been producing a variety of automobile diagnostic and maintenance devices and tools for professionals and DIY users alike. 

The company's product line covers battery testers, battery chargers, digital multimeters, environmental testing devices, metal detectors, phone testers, stud finders, weather gauges, test sockets, and ultrasonic distance gauges, which have proven popular worldwide because of their excellent functionality.

Multi-functional Voltage Tester is the company's pride, featuring LED indicator lights and LCD display to enable easier and more accurate reading of test results. The CE- and GS-approved device is ideal for AC and DC voltage testing, continuity testing, and phase rotation testing by professionals. For DIYers, the 6901 Digital Wattmeter (or power meter) is a useful product which can precisely measure the power consumption of household appliances at specific times. The company's Auto Multi-Connector Kit (94 pcs) is another manifestation of seasoned knowledge of truly practical auto maintenance tools. The kit contains most kinds of female and male terminals for Weather-Pack, Metri-Pack, and Micro-Pack connectors, and technicians can easily connect care wires and test equipment through these sets of terminals. 

The ISO9001:2008-certificated company ensures that all of its products measure up to international standards, including CE, GS, UL, cUL, and RoHS. Operating plants in both Taiwan and China, it is able to supply its customers with a full range of manufacturing services from circuitry, structure, and mold design to mold production, plastic injection, and mass production.

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